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Eagle-eye-photography.com has just made major improvements to the equipment range..

as well as utilising professional Nikon SLR cameras for high quality photography

Nikon Wedding Photography Camera

We have introduced High Definition

Wedding Filming Video Equipment for coverage of weddings and outside events and can produce your DVDs in standard DVD or blu-ray formats to show true 1080 HD playback.


The standard Hi-definition state of the art Video Cameras are small and indiscrete and can be hand held or tripod mounted.

For larger events Fly-cams are available:


Mobile Studio Lighting:

get in the picture with eagle-eye-photography

We now offer the mobile studio which provides pro lighting similar to a studio.

Most Wedding Photographers work using just a single camera mounted flash and available lighting.

This method does not always result in good lighting of the subject resulting in harsh shadows and loss of detail.

pro lighting on mobile tripodsshoot through umbrella lighting

All above are examples of Eagle-Eye-Photography Mobile Studio Lighting


See our Main Studio Facilities

St Luke's Community Centre is my base for Portrait work and comprises of the upper level floor; recently refurbished and modernised.

It offers both natural daylight via skylight and windows and studio flash lighting facilities.

To find more about arranging a portrait / sitting please call to discuss on 01423 562578

Tel: 1423 562578...... .... .......... Mob: 0795 414 0848 ..... .........

relaxing surrounding on upper floor based at luke ccentre

See Wedding Photo Album Gallery


Wedding & Event Video Cameras:
We use the latest JVC and Canon three-chip digital video cameras - rated at broadcast quality and capable of producing superb quality pictures and sound rendition. These are fully portable and can be shoulder mounted to capture those spontaneous moments.

Special hi-definition video equipment for super clarity video filming.

These are some of the cameras held in our equipment range:

JVC high definition pro broadcastvideo camera with tv lense

Canon-xh-1 high-def camera

canon xl1s video camera for wedding uselanc video controller

See our Main Studio Facilities


During the Church Service and Reception we use Tripods to provide maximum stability and ensure professional smooth videography for close up, panning and zoom sequences utilising video to ensure highly professional videography.

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Video Lighting:
Lighting- additional lighting is not usually required as these are professional video cameras with excellent low light recording capability.

Should some additional lighting be required we always carry additional small and unobtrusive lighting ranging from video camera mounted lights to small tripod mounted lighting:

wedding video lighting and reflectors video and wedding flash photography


This will allow us to create some very nice lighting effects such as halo, soft focus, light sunburst effects, these look especially nice when framing certain facial and other shots in both creative indoor outdoor situations.



Sound Equipment:
Sound - These Video Cameras carry high quality microphones which record very high quality sound.

During the entertainments at one of our recently filmed Anniversary Receptions a Jazz Band were hired for the Entertainment.

canon microphone canon microphone adaptor

On seeing and hearing the footage played through a home cinema and surround-sound hi-fi system the band were so impressed with the quality of the 48khz sound that they had their own DVD commissioned and an audio CD was made with the tracks having been recorded direct from the Video Camera Microphones.

We also have capability to record to camera direct from up to 4 XLR sources for mixing desk to camera recordings.

See our Main Studio Facilities


Video Editing - Post Production:

During the day the video cameraman will capture a tremendous amount of footage based around every aspect of the days events (almost twice as much if using a second cameraman) all this footage will need careful editing and combining of scenes at just the right moment to arrive at a creative and stlylised final production.

Then fade, special effects, subtitling and and music is added to create a tastefully and professional produced video.

To accomplish this we utilise Adobe Premier Pro 2 The industry professional standard for high end film production.

Here are Typical Wedding Day Events that usually require Filming and Editing:

1. Bride and bridesmaids preparations * optional please ask about this aspect ( always kept discrete and G rated!)
2. Exterior of Church.
3. Wedding Party arriving at Church.
4. Continuous roll of ceremony, from prior to bride's entrance to the
couple's walk down the aisle.

Ideally using two cameras:
Camera A - Tripod Mounted in the back third of the church or balcony.

Camera B - Shoulder mounted & Positioned on the bridesmaids' side of the aisle at the altar steps. Camera shooting of the
procession. After the bride arrives, we move to a Tripod placed behind the
officiant and on the Groom's side. This gives the best shot of the Bride
during the vows. This is coordinated and cleared with the officiant.

5. Any special touches in the ceremony including solo song, unity candle lighting, etc.
6. Reaction shots of bride and groom's families.

7. Video taken during the photographer's formal posed shots.
7a. Optional - staging a reenactment of the ring ceremony to ensure a good close up of rings being slipped onto fingers.

8. Wedding party leaving church.

9. Wedding party arriving at reception (depending on location / traffic - requires good planning)

10. Bride and Groom Entering reception - Greeting of Guests.

11. Filming of Speeches** (no filming during eating until Cake Cutting).

** Note we can use camera mikes or preferably - minidisc recording direct from the main table to ensure clarity of speech recording.

Evening / Party Coverage * there are are many other options please ask if you have any special arrangements
1.Arrival and Brides First dance.
2. Mom's dance with the groom.
3. Dad's dance with the bride.
4. Any Speeches / Toast.
5. Cake cutting.
6. Flower / Garter toss.
7. Guest book signings.
8. Special dances and ceremonies at the reception.
9. Interviews with guests * optional please ask about this aspect
10. Interview with the bride and groom. *
11. Cutaways - cake, presents, decorations, flower arrangements, the DJ or

12. Guests saying goodbye.

Note we usually require a copy of the Church Service and Wedding Announcements and anything like
souvenir napkins, etc. for video copy stand work.



All filming sequences can be changed / adapted as required for example if you are having a Registry Office Wedding Service

See our Main Studio Facilities




Some Useful Information on Wedding Post Production & Editing:

After filming of the event is completed the next stage is Post Production.

This involves transposing the High Definition video footage onto our main Studio computer as a pure digital hard drive file.

Once the footage is on the computer hard drive it can be edited and subtitles, fades and various other effects created.

Depending on Wedding Day footage filmed and time spent in post production to produce the final product.

Wedding Editing Package Gold - This is typical of post production required for an event requiring two cameras and including filming of the church ceremony through to the reception, speeches, dancing, and other aspects of the days events and producing a very high quality end result DVD.

Typical editing time to attain a high quality professional Wedding Video Film complete with DVD menu system is anything between 2 to 4 days work.

The editing and post production aspect may be determined prior to the actual filming; after detailed discussion and a quote produced based on the type of production required.


Creating the Master DVD:

Finally the completed computer edited digital video film file is then turned into the First Master DVD with menu system ready for play on any domestic DVD or PC. DVD menus usually contain images taken from the video, selection buttons, backgrounds and even looping preview footage of the video or animation effects. This requires the computer to render all the complex editing information and prepare the final DVD. This can take the computer anything between several hours and a whole day work to arrive at the completed files ready to burn the first master DVD.However once the first master DVD has been created then duplicates of this can be burnt very quickly and at a very reasonable reproduction cost.



Wedding DVD Duplications:

The DVD can then be reproduced and duplicated as many times as you require.

We use direct printing to surface of the metallic DVD (not stick on labels!)

For Wedding DVDs this is full DVD reproduction and direct to DVD surface printing including a good quality DVD case with printing of a full colour inner sleeve.

see more details




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