These YouTube Wedding video samples are close to the actual quality of the videos but not quite as they are filmed in 1080 and if you request

a blu-ray DVD format they replay at that quality on Blu-Ray DVD.

Registry Hotel Wedding Video with scenic countryside setting:

Manchester Town Hall Historic setting Wedding Video:

Bride Preparation & Groom Preps Wedding Video:

Using Couples Old School & Growing Up Photos In Wedding Reception Video :

Wedding Photographers Shoot & Walk In The Grounds (between the rain showers!)

Romantic & Dreamy Bride & Groom Walkabout At Castle Video:

Asian Wedding – Traditional Asian & Registry Service Video:

Wedding Garden Party Bridesmaids set to 'Sunshine of my Life'.

  • A typical wedding video consists of discrete documentary style reportage video using 2 to 3 cameras;
  • Filmed in a very low profile and not at all obtrusive manner throughout the day.
  • The sequences are set to music chosen at the request of the bride.
  • The videos shown are not pre-planned or staged and are filmed 'on the fly' as it happens.
  • The real potential of the videos are formed in the editing stage.
  • Using editing, slow motion and fade techniques and dubbing in the requested music.
  • Actually most of the real work goes into the editing stage in order to make your wedding video special.
  • You can add at least four pieces of music of your own choice to your wedding movie.
  • As well as a DVD you will get a web preview video set to music of your choice and showing an overview of the day’s events.

Do I Really Need A Wedding Video?

Are you tying the knot this year? or Planning a Wedding for Next Year?
With the average UK wedding costing over £20,000, many couples will be wary about adding extra features which they don't think are necessary. Although a wedding video definitely isn't a necessity you may find it's worth the extra cost.
All we ask is that you don't make a decision until you have read this post of the best reasons why you should preserve your special day in a video.

It's Better Than Just Photos – Photos are great and of course you should have a wedding photographer, but video brings things to life in a way that photos can't. Laughter, the speeches, dance moves.. a video can capture it all. Add some emotive music and slick editing and you have something that will make your wedding day look absolutely incredible and it will have much more of an impact than a just a Photo Album.

Show it to the Kids, Grand Kids, Great-Grand Kids? – If you get a wedding video, you'll be able to show it to your kids (if you have any) when they're old enough! Nieces and nephews and others who might not even be born yet will love seeing their Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents when they were younger and looking their best.

Special Messages – You might not have enough time to speak at length with all of your guests, so a video is a great way to get special messages from your loved ones that you can keep forever.

All Your Loved Ones in One Room – A wedding is such an important occasion and your friends and family will surely make a special effort to be there. It might be one of the only times that both your sets of friends and family will be in the same room at the same time. A video is an extra special way to document it and make sure the memories stay forever.
This article reproduced from an independent article written by 'Bidvine' Wedding Guide.